LMC Flagship Headquarters

After Lupinia's original location in SL closed, we wanted to re-open it with a different approach, so a couple years later, we set up in the corner of the Bonga sim (just south of our original location in Kekekabic). The idea was to focus on Lupinia Motor Company, and build a large HQ building for it, but also really push design limits and make the building itself a work of art.

The result was built entirely by Natasha Lockhart (Natasha Petrichor in SL), and was a highly geometrically-complex structure custom-tailored to fit an oddly-shapied piece of land. The building was also highly detailed, with staircases, garages, railings, gates, scripted light fixtures, and other details often omitted from Second Life buildings. It remains her proudest design in SL.