Lake At Sunset

Lupinia Studios is my personal portfolio, showcasing my creative work, as well as my hobbies and interests. Primarily, this includes my photography and writing, but there's far more here than just that. This site has been running since 2003, and much of the original content is still here, even if it's not prominently linked. So, I encourage you to explore.

As a kid, I never considered myself to be a particularly creative person, mostly because I wasn't good at drawing. As an adult, I've discovered that creativity and artistic talents go far, far beyond that, and now, I'm proud to display my work to the world. I don't claim to be amazing at what I do, I simply do what I enjoy. And while I don't need feedback to be happy with my work, it warms my heart to hear/read it, so if you have something to say about something on this site, positive or negative, I'd truly love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you see something here that you like.

-Natasha L.