Smokey Solo 2

Posted: April 9, 2008 17:43:44 • By Natasha L.View Description
Smokey Solo 2

The existance of these photos was a complete accident; I've been cooped up at home for over a week due to car problems, and I finally made it out to run some errands. I decided to have a leisurely lunch/dinner at a nearby park, and as I was leaving the house, I decided on a whim to grab my camera.

As luck would have it, one of the largest fires the area has seen for a long time started two blocks away as I was finishing my meal. So, I was able to capture the heroic work of the Harrisonburg Fire Department as the event unfolded.

For some reason, the firefighters atop the tower trucks were particularly interesting, and inspiring, so they were the focus of most of good shots. The fact that I couldn't see the back of the blaze, where the rest of the firefighters were, undoubtedly contributed to this perspective.

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