Ford Crown Victoria (Sold)

Purchased September 29, 2006 • Sold January 27, 2012

I had my eyes on one of these for a few months prior to purchasing it, so when my Integra was totalled, and a police interceptor showed up for sale on a local lot, I jumped on it. Owning a police car was fun for a few months, but unfortunately, it faded entirely too quickly, leaving me with an uncomfortable bare-bones sedan that guzzled gas and didn't fit in urban parking spaces. Still, it served me exceptionally well, lasting for more years and more miles than any other car I've owned, and it carried me to Florida, Massachusetts, and literally everywhere in between. In Spring 2011, it started to show signs of some pretty serious engine problems, but I kept it for a job I had at the time.

In September 2011, it no longer ran properly, and I made the mistake of taking it to a rather inept mechanic, who spent several months working on it and couldn't fix it. I've since replaced it with my Land Rover Freelander, and in January 2012, I sold this car to an enthusiast with the time, resources, and skills to get it running properly again.