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Natasha's Résumé

Updated: February 1, 2017 20:05:39 • 993 words
Advanced application developer, specializing in custom applications built with Python. Exceptional ability to rapidly learn and apply new material, with an affinity for innovation and creative engineering. Proven skills developing stable, scalable, efficient applications, including large-scale data processing and encryption. Experience in both private and public sector, including law enforcement. Extensive experience building tools for digital forensic evidence collection, processing, and analysis to support sensitive criminal investigations. Recognized leadership skills in team projects, including distributed and primarily-remote teams, and online communities. Proven communication and user support skills.
Professional Experience
Arlington, VA
October 2012 - September 2016
US Postal Service Office of Inspector General
Senior Web Developer

In charge of multiple projects spearheaded by the Office of Investigations Computer Crimes Unit, both for internal use and for public use, using a wide variety of platforms and applications, including open-source and custom-built software.

Led a 6-person development team in designing, building, and launching a large-scale forensic evidence collection and analysis platform, to provide innovative tools for new types of investigative operations. This involved extensive development of multiple applications across a diverse array of networks and environments, managed by a central Python application over heavily-encrypted connections and APIs. The system also needed a highly intuitive interface, requiring little to no training for users of any technical skill level. Technologies used include Python (with and without Django), PostgreSQL, PHP, MySQL, and Bash scripting. » Remote Forensic Investigation Platform

Led a 5-person development team in restructuring and redesigning the USPS OIG website (www.uspsoig.gov). Responsibilities primarily included back-end engineering of the site’s core functionality, management of the site’s supporting infrastructure, and custom code for templates and management/deployment scripts. Leadership responsibilities included documenting and communicating project status regularly, setting goals and priorities for the team, planning and leading the deployment effort, and coordinating the team’s efforts with other departments. » USPSOIG.gov Rebuild

Led a 7-person team in implementing Single Sign-On between DANTES (www.dantesportal.org) and the USPS OIG Active Directory domain, which do not reside within the same network or physical location. This was accomplished using SAML 2.0, and SimpleSAMLphp, to federate the DANTES website with an ADFS server, in a joint team composed of developers, server/network administrators, and an information security analyst.

Lead developer for new features on DANTES (www.dantesportal.org) and the USPS OIG website (www.uspsoig.gov), as well as maintenance and administrative tasks on both sites and their supporting infrastructure. » Data Analytics And Technical Expert Services (DANTES)

Worked with the 18F division of the General Services Administration to make the USPS OIG one of the first US federal agencies to implement HTTP Strict Transport Security. This also led to the USPS OIG being one of the first .gov domains to be hard-coded into the Google HSTS pre-load list used by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. » USPSOIG.gov HTTP Secure Transport Security/HSTS Preload

Harrisonburg, VA
November 2011 - October 2012
Web Development Contractor

In charge of software deployments, modifications, and bug fixes for numerous client websites, including open-source, commercial, and custom applications.

Performed bug fixes for open-source software used in client websites, turning experimental or poorly-supported projects into production-grade software when another solution was unavailable or undesirable.

Harrisonburg, VA
March 2010 - June 2012
Black Tie Computer Service
Sole Proprietor

Provided comprehensive top-tier technical support and PC repair to small businesses and home clients, with an emphasis on clear communication and high quality of work.

Provided a tailored “personal shopper” service for PC, peripheral, mobile, and home electronics purchases, helping clients choose the best product for their needs.

Specialized in providing support with a personal touch, and creating stronger client relationships than competing computer support services.

Woodbridge, VA
October 2008 - January 2009
Web Development Contractor

Custom PHP application development for client websites in a team environment, including architecture for a social networking site.

Modifications and bug fixes for existing PHP applications on client websites, including high-traffic sites with minimal allowed downtime.

  • Extensive experience leading and managing remote/distributed development teams, with a proven track record of effective leadership and communication.
  • Since 1997, extensive experience with HTML, website maintenance and administration, and proper design theory.
  • Since 2001, extensive programming and software development experience.
  • Since 2003, extensive graphics and layout design experience, including Adobe Photoshop experience.
  • Advanced knowledge and experience in Python, Django, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nginx, XML, IIS, SCSS/SASS, and LaTeX.
  • Moderate knowledge and experience in Microsoft SQL Server, Apache, Javascript, and Cold Fusion.
  • Highly skilled in custom Python and PHP application development and architecture.
  • Experience and training in criminal investigative procedures, undercover investigations and covert law enforcement operations, digital forensic analysis, and digital evidence handling.
  • Extensive experience deploying, administering, maintaining, and modifying a variety of widely-used web applications, including OwnCloud, Drupal (6 and 7), Wordpress, Expression Engine, Gallery2 and Gallery3, Simple Machines Forum, and Redmine.
  • Experience in Linux server administration, using both RHEL-based and Debian-based distributions, including configuration and installation of all above-mentioned technologies.
  • Experience in Windows server administration, including extensive knowledge of IIS and how it interacts with Unix-based products, and experience maintaining a firewall using Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server.
  • Moderate social media marketing skills, especially using Twitter, and search-engine optimization skills.
  • Since 2003, extensive experience administering, building, moderating, and leading online communities, large and small, focused on a variety of topic and demographics.
  • Public Trust clearance (SF-85p).