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SURVEY: Sex or Ice Cream?

Posted: April 5, 2010 15:06:16 • 231 words

Just after April Fool's Day, I posed a question on Twitter and Facebook, inspired by a silly conversation with someone close to me. The question was, which is better, sex or ice cream? I left it up to the reader to define "better", but I intended it to mean "more enjoyable". I figured we'd get a few silly responses, and that'd be it. Much to my surprise, there were a lot of semi-serious of responses, with some interesting demographics. So I decided to keep them for posterity.

Overall, there were 18 responses (10 on Twitter, 7 on Facebook, 1 via phone), plus my own input (it's a close call, but it's hard to beat ice cream), with the answers pretty close to even:

Ice Cream 7

However, if we break these down by gender**, an interesting trend forms:

Ice Cream 16

Thus, we now have statistical proof that women enjoy ice cream more than they enjoy sex. So, if you like girls, rather than trying to sleep with them, buy them ice cream instead!

* = This includes answers along the lines of "I like them equally" along with answers like "Sex with ice cream" or "Sex, THEN ice cream!"
** = Gender refers to the person's self-identified gender.